Sometimes life is filled with blessings, insights, and a heart-felt sense of connection with people around us. Other times we stumble through a series of setbacks, accumulating pain, even falling into depression; and nothing we try seems to help us get out of it. Sometimes someone unexpectedly appreciates us or offers to serve us – or we reach out to help another. Sometimes miracles happen, pain is lifted, new directions open up, and the seemingly impossible occurs.

Just as life is filled with this rich variety of experience, so is the Transformation Game®, a fun and complex board game which offers a playful yet substantial way of understanding and transforming key issues in your life. It can be played at varying levels of intensity, from a light-hearted way of gaining insight into yourself, to a tool to help solve problems, clarify important personal issues or creatively enhance relationships.  The game can be played by one   to four people at a time and players will be supported by a facilitator. The duration of the game will be determined by the level at which participants engage with the game.

How long are you going to remain a caterpillar?


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