We live in an environment where crime is rife. As South African citizens we have become vigilant about protecting ourselves, our families and our belongings.

We have secured our environment by building high walls around our environment by building high walls around our properties and as a second and third measure, we have invested in electric fences and armed patrols. However, there are aspects that we do not always have control over – e.g how vigilant our domestic workers are when they enter and exit the property, what information they communicate when they are away from work or when they answer the telephone. This aim of the workshop is to train domestic workers to become more vigilant in terms of ensuring they secure your property as much as possible while you are away at work.

Domestic Workers will be trained on:
– How to be more safety conscious when entering and exiting the property
– What information to give/withhold when communicating on the telephone or with strangers/friends in the community
– What to do and who to contact in the event of an emergency to minimise risk


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