We all have uniquely personal and different ideas and emotions regarding FEAR. We feel fears about possible rejection or abandonment, the unknown, failure, losing control, not being enough, being successful, not being acceptable or lovable. Our fears take many forms and manifest in a variety of ways.

As such, this workshop does not attempt to define fear or explain why we experience certain physiological responses. It doesn’t separate participants into categories or classify symptoms. What this workshop offers is an opportunity for you to engage with your fear to the extent of knowing and accepting the presence of your fear so that you may become increasingly comfortable with your fear, even to the extent of possibly embracing it. To do this, we must pick our way between two powerful tendencies, to control and to cure. These tendencies show themselves constantly in words like manage, handle, overcome, conquer, dispel, banish, fix, etc. By regarding fear as pathology to control or to cure, we assume that life without its presence is possible, normal, or even desirable. But once we accept fear as a habitual acquaintance in an imaginative, meaningful life, we can begin to cultivate a conversation with it rather than engage it in a fight.

The workshop offers you the opportunity to explore, to experience and to embrace your fear and to choose love as a pathway towards ultimate freedom of choice. The workshop will be largely experiential and will focus:

1.  On pushing through fear rather than to push it aside.
2. To find out what awaits you on the other side of your fears.
3. To provide you with a space where you can explore and state what it is that you want to feel in your life and what it is that you have to do to make it practically possible.
Due to the experiential nature of the workshop participant numbers will be limited to14 people per workshop and early bookings are advise


Dominique Domingo:
I loved the workshop because it was not “mainstream”. It appealed to the alternative esoteric side of me and I found that when I left I was equipped with the tools to look at my “relationship” in whatever shape or form it is at the moment. It is a process of healing that no self- help book can unlock by itself. I found that sitting outside was really lovely and novel. Often we are confined to a stuffy room with horrible chairs in a workshop. What a pleasure to sit on the ground if it suited me with your dog drinking my tea with me. I loved the goodie bags with all the little treats and the personal touches you put into the workshop. I shared more than I intended to, but I felt safe with the people around me You are a wonderful, calm person. I see you as a life coach- sensible, focused, practical and no-nonsense (but in a nice way).  

Venise Germanos:
Thank you for your email follow up which is truly a nice touch as for me, it shows a caring that goes beyond just the concerns of the day of the workshop, but actually how what was learnt might be implemented or how participants are processing and feeling thereafter. I found workshop to be extremely powerful, practical and inspiring!!  I benefited from seeing things from a whole new perspective on this remarkable journey. This was a very special experience which was facilitated with a lot of respect and care. I loved the simplicity of looking at fear in a whole new light and the useful skills learnt toward their resolution. In doing it a second time, I found something further. As I mentioned to you, I felt very present on the day and this helped me to connect to things on a deeper level and open myself to feeling vulnerable enough to trust. The energy in the space was exquisite as I felt an abundance of peace, love and safety within that exploration. The realisation for me that self-acceptance appeared to underpin the need within every fear and how to engage with this and give this to myself rather than outside of myself, was especially significant. I loved the special touches such as the gift bags, the presentation of everything outside, how everything was organised and just the care with which each exercise was conducted.

Lorna Mann
I would like to thank you for a fantastic Fear to Love workshop.  I was very impressed with the professionalism of both the presentation and the way in which you presented it.  I felt that you were really in tune with what the delegates were experiencing, and understood their needs without having to know all the ins’ and outs’ of their deep personal concerns/problems.   I will definitely recommend this programme to anyone I feel could benefit from it. At the end of the workshop you asked what it was that we were hoping to gain from attending?  You may recall that my response was to the effect “to achieve inner calmness” – well, you’ll be please to know that I am still experiencing this calmness!

Nosipho Monakali
We both enjoyed your session I cannot express my gratitude to the guidance work you have with us, we really needed this, we couldn’t have asked for anything better and more appropriate to our development, thank you so much


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